VLSM + CIDR Calculator | October 1, 2017

the objective of this tool is to facilitation calculate the VLSM and CIDR , the results output shown on terminal + in file (shown below).

alt text

example :

adresse =

Site1R0 = 4 machines

Site1R1 = 50 machines

Site1R2 = 40 machines

Site1R3 = 100 machines

for the hosts it does not matter if you begain From the smallest to largest

0xy4hy4@0v3n_Sh3ll:$ python 0xy4hy4.py 4 50 40 100

after that put the names from who have largest value to smallest (Site1R3,Site1R1,Site1R2,Site1R0)

Put the names of the older ones at least : Site1R3,Site1R1,Site1R2,Site1R0 .

Appear in a file? Yes (Y) or No (n) :

Enter name with extenstion: ista.doc or .html …..etc

Filename : istaRN.doc

alt text

alt text

Written on October 1, 2017